Members of Congress plus retired Members qualify for health insurance insurance plan under the same method as other government employees C the Federal Workers Health Benefits Program (FEHBP).? Below the Affordable Care Act, Congressmen and Senators, as well as Congressional employees, must receive their coverage through the Medical insurance Exchanges.

Congressmen and Senators may participate in the Federal Versatile Spending Account Method (FSAFEDS) to set up tax-exempt flexible shelling out accounts for reimbursement connected with health care, child care, as well as elder care expenses not otherwise refunded or covered by medical care insurance. ?They may also subscribe to the Federal Employees Dentistry and Vision Insurance coverage Program (FEDVIP) for medigap dental and eye-sight insurance coverage and make application for long-term care coverage underneath the Federal Long Term Caution Insurance Program (FLTCIP).

The healthcare benefits for People Congress and outdated Members is good described in a fresh report by the Congressional Investigation Service (CRS), the policy research shop?of the Selection of Congress.

Another brand new CRS report describes the particular retirement benefits people provide to on Members of the House as well as Senate.


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